Hello! A first for us…

Hi! This is our first official blog for MyBabyMyHome and I’m really excited to get started.

What would our readers want to know, I thought…when I read blogs, I like to know about the people behind them…is it just a one-man(or woman!) band, or has it grown into a big business like many I find today?

Well, I’ll tell you a bit about us. I’m Holly, married to Ben. I left a healthcare career in 2018 and became a full time mum/part time blog writer. Ben works in the world of digital marketing, and it was his expertise that helped us found our websites.

I’m the creative side, I blog, edit, and create product reviews. Ben uses his know-how to make us visible to the general public. (the hard part!). So we’re a two-man band…occasionally, as with many blogs, we hope we might get guest writers as this helps us network with other relevant sites and give our readers a broader variety of topics…oh, but where was I?

Back to us – we’re a larger than average family. We have 5 children, and when our youngest baby twins were born this year, we had 5 children age 5 and under! We often get comments about having our hands full, and if I’m honest that’s a bit of an understatement – I need to be an octopus really!

Earlier this year we made a big move from the North West coast and the city life of Liverpool, to the North East coast and quieter life in the North Yorkshire seaside-meets-countryside. This is where I (Holly) grew up. To put it simply, we moved home. Back to family, my parents, grandparents and sister.

Ben is originally from Kenya, and we hope that in future years our children will get plenty of opportunity to get to know their cousins, aunties, uncles and grandparents in Nairobi and beyond.

Our new life has meant new jobs, new schools, and now a new venture with MyBabyMyHome. We’ll blog about all of our loves, from my love of children and animals, to another new project for us – moving into a new build home (project 2021!) and all that that entails.

I also post on Instagram so feel free to follow me @mamas_little_tribe_of_five – I can’t claim to be an amazingly ‘Instagrammable’ blogger, and rarely do I capture a beautifully framed photo, but I snap moments of our crazy little life and a few pretty views of where we now live.

With our experience as parents to 5, we’ve started putting together a range of parenting and child related product reviews already. Quite honestly, we’ve tried and tested most of these things ourselves – and if we haven’t we probably know someone who has! It feels great to be able to share our views on our very own site. Sharing my personal experience alongside will, I hope ‘keep it real’.

If you find us, and want to ask us anything about what it’s like having five kids, making a big career change (including living on a budget!), moving from one side of the country to the other, blogging, or anything else – fire away!