Best Toys and Gift Ideas For 6 Year Old Boys

Gifts for 6 year old boys

My eldest son is about to become six! What better way to kick off my blog again than sharing my ideas for the best birthday/Christmas gifts for children of his age.
The kids are interested in a wide range of activities, from sport to science and everything in between. They particularly love the great outdoors and one of our favourite places in the last few years has been our local skatepark and we’ve bought a number of scooters as a result.
As I’m writing this, we are still in the midst of a global pandemic, covid-19 has had an impact upon all of our lives and consequently the activities our kids currently enjoy. They’ve had more screen time than ever, but it isn’t all bad.
When I do any product reviews or recommendations, they are based purely on my own experiences, whether that be because we have the product in our household, or my best friends and family recommended them to me.
So here’s my list of suggestions for six year old boys – I welcome feedback so please get in touch with your own ideas because it won’t be long before Christmas!
My list includes items to suit all budgets, which I find useful when friends and family ask what to buy, so whether your a parent, an auntie or uncle, or friend – I hope you find some inspiration!

1. Hot Wheels Track Kits

My two eldest boys are Hot Wheels obsessed! Not only do they spend a remarkable amount of time watching YouTube videos of ‘awesome hot wheels tracks’ for inspiration, they create their own versions around our home, and i must trip over a Hot Wheels car at least once a day.
Which kit is our favourite? Pretty much any of them!
The thing I like about Hot Wheels as a parent is that it’s something you can add bits to over time, and suits a wide range of ages. We’re about a year into buying Hot Wheels kits and I can see the interest continuing for some time yet.
As long as it’s a kit we can build onto and extend, it makes the birthday/Christmas shortlist. This time around the Triple Loop Kit made the final cut, as did a bit of basic track so they can build masterpieces around the garden.
Park of the ‘Track Builder Unlimited’ range, the triple loop features three different sized stunt loops which can be configured with other track builder sets for an endless range of epic tracks!

2. Galt Science Lab – STEM learning

Aside from toys, I’ve tried to encourage a bit of home learning and interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) related activities from a young age and we’ve been delighted with this science lab kit from GALT which was a Christmas present. It’s had the whole family involved – my two year old daughter loves sitting and watching with the goggles on, while the boys liked getting covered in slime the most!
The kit contains a book with 20 fun experiments and all the components you need to carry them out.
The kits are devised alongside the national curriculum and GALT won the 2019 Progressive Preschool Award for Best Preschool STEM Range. The Science Lab kit is just one of a whole exciting range and I think we’ll be buying more at the next Birthday!

3. Micro Scooter

We started with bikes but soon moved onto scooters. Initially we bypassed the Micro Scooter because it can appear quite expensive, and not knowing whether our kids would really get into it, we opted for a cheaper 3-wheeled scooter from Amazon. The boys LOVE scooting. They are completely fearless at the skatepark and I think learning how to balance and maneuvre the scooter probably helped them when it came to learning to ride a bike without stabilisers.
When the 3-wheeled scooters were no longer the favoured option for doing tricks, we decided to opt for the Micro Sprite.
I spent a lot of time on the micro-scooters website umming and aahing over whether to opt for a stunt scooter at this age, and there is a handy ‘Smart Advisor’ on the micro-scooters website to help you with your decision making. As the boys used their scooters for some long distance rides too, I preferred the Sprite. The micro scooters are great because they are incredibkly durable and long lasting. The Micro Sprite will last upto 12 years (rider height 152cm) and because it has all replaceable parts, it can easily be repaired rather than replaced. They are lightweight and foldable making them compact for travelling. I can honestly say they are worth every penny!

4. Fire HD 10 Kids Edition

Screen time is a highly debated topic in the parenting world. But no matter what we think about it, screens are part of our everyday lives now, and we couldn’t live without them! I try and incorporate screen time as part of a ‘balanced day’ – just as I incorporate chocolate into their balanced diet!
We first bought a tablet for our eldest son at age 4 when he was about to undergo open heart surgery, and we knew he would be out of action for a little while afterwards. He needed something to keep him entertained, while I wanted a method of delivering a bit of education in a fun and informal way. I had read so many positive things about the Amazon Fire Kids edition that it was just a natural choice. I think the one of the biggest selling points for me was the 2 year worry-free guarantee. If the tablet breaks, just return it for a free replacement. It also comes in a hardy kid-proof case which helps protect it against bumps and drops anyway – a must have in our busy household! We’ve already used the worry-free guarantee and I can honestly say it was without any hassle.
What else is good about the Fire HD?
We like the content provided by the Amazon Fire for Kids Unlimited subscription, which is age appropriate and full of fun games, books and educational apps.
As a Mum I like the fact I can set parental controls easily, including screen time limits. I also have my own profile and often use the tablet myself when the kids are in bed to read books through the Kindle app or to watch something on iPlayer!
Sometimes Amazon has special offers on the price of the kids’ Fire, so keep a look out for these as we got a good deal on ours. Worth every penny.

5. Lego Classic

I grew up with Lego and ‘the Grandparents’ have kept much of it for my kids to now use.
Lego is a classic. It inspires creativity and imagination and there really are endless possibilities. These days, I walk into a toyshop only to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of Lego kits available for all ages. When I first bought Lego for my boys, I bought a Classic box so that they could create their own designs and really indulge in the imaginative fun that Lego brings. I have to add that they also love building the kits too, and even from age 4 they got to grips with following the instructions and were really satisfied at the end result!
I’ve listed the original box of Lego that we started with, it’s a great size and has a range of blocks, wheels and other special elements which will keep kids (and adults!) entertained.

6. Board Games – Rubik’s Race

I was not a fan of the Rubik’s cube – but this game is seriously addictive! We bought it for our eldest at Christmas when he was 5 ½ and in the last few weeks during the covid-19 lockdown it has been a much loved and played-with board game by both parents and children.
What is it?
This is what Rubik’s say:
“Rubik’s Race is a fast-paced game that is designed to get your brain and fingers racing. Shake the scrambler and go head to head against your opponent. Shift and slide the tiles to be the first to recreate the 3×3 centre pattern.
It may sound easy, but the Rubik’s Race is a real game of skill, speed and dexterity. Can you handle the pressure of the Rubik’s Race?”
Even though an increasing amount of our lives revolve around technology, there is definitely still a place for a good old fashioned board game, and this newer addition to the Rubik’s family is proof of that.

7. Phlat Ball

The kids love being outdoors, and in particular they love playing ball games. Football still rules in this house, so when they were mesmerised by the advert for the Phlat ball, it was all I heard about until the purchase was made! “Throw a disc, catch a ball”, the Phlat ball transforms from a flying disc to a ball, perfect for a game of catch in wide open spaces like the beach or parks and great for encouraging active play.

8. Books

Reading can sometimes be a chore for little ones. School books are often read at the end of the day and my son lacks interest because he is tired. So I’ve tried to find books that will really engage him and promote the love of reading that I had from an early age. We’ve recently become converts to the amazing and hilarious books by David Walliams. A teacher friend recommended them and I’m so grateful that he did! The first purchase was Gangsta Granny, and although it is pitched at slightly older children (about 9-12), my son is happy to give anything a go, and when he tires we take it in turns to read a page. David Walliams is like today’s Roald Dahl, and his brilliantly funny books are illustrated by the fantastic Tony Ross.
I’ve listed his newest book Slime, which we can’t wait to get stuck into.

9. Magformers WOW Magnetic Construction Set

Magformers magnetic shapes kits are a uniquely designed set of toys created to inspire kids imagination and enable them to make both 2D and 3D shapes. This kit focuses on cars, using unique magnetic pieces and a range of diagram cards and puzzle sheets to make over 20 different vehicle styles. Magformers encourages STEM learning, encouraging 3D thinking through play. The rotating magnets system means that pieces always connect and never repel! Magformers is made using BPA free plastic and has a global safety record.
We have been super impressed with our kit, and it is played with by all the kids from age 2-6, and I can see it going far beyond this age range. All the kits are compatible with each other so again this is a range of toys that can be added to over time.

10. VTech KidiGear Walkie-Talkies

Finally, another gift that is great for playing with outdoors. We like the VTech walkie talkies with their digital screen that has built in animations for the kids to send messages to each other. It also has different voice effects and 4 fun 2-player games to play against each other! More than just a walkie talkie! We’ve always been impressed with VTech toys as I find them robust and good quality meaning that they’ve endured the wrath of multiple young and playful (destructive!) children. Walkie talkies were a great birthday gift as they actively involve the younger siblings too and so encourage them to play and adventure together!

So that’s a wrap – my top 10 gift ideas for 6 year old boys. I hope you liked it and found something that inspired you.
Just for transparency – if you click on any of the affiliate links within this article, I will make a commission if you then make a purchase on Amazon. Although I may make money through affiliate programmes, all the products I list are genuine recommendations from personal experience.
Have a good day! Holly x