About Us

Who are we?

MyBabyMyHome was conceived as a one-stop-shop for all things baby, home, and even pets. We are a family run website, and have been working on blog websites for several years before deciding to try and encompass all our loves into one space.

Originally we started a blog based on our love of dogs, followed shortly after by one for our feline friends.

Later, as children took over our lives, I decided to start writing about our life as a family of five and the transition from having a career to becoming a full time mum.

Since then, in 2020 we became a family of seven, yes, SEVEN – with the addition of twins. It became obvious to us that we had gathered a wealth of personal experience in the world of parenting, and specifically parenting products! And so the concept for a baby and kids product review site came to mind.

Bringing all our ideas and subjects together meant that we needed a new site – and MyBabyMyHome was the result.

We want our site to be a combination of personal blog, informative posts (for example on the subjects of parenting, pets, home/lifestyle), and robust product reviews.

We will be participating in affiliate programmes where they are available, as making a website doesn’t come for free. It is an incredibly time consuming process, and websites themselves cost money to buy and maintain. We don’t however allow these to directly determine which products we choose to include in our reviews, and we’ll always be transparent and honest.

So we hope you like what you find, I think I’ll make a start..!

Holly and Ben